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Mama Sita's line of products reveal the impressive depth and breadth of Filipino cuisine. From the fiery Labuyo Chili Pepper Sauce, to the all-natural vinegars and the mixes and sauces free of artificial colors or flavors, Mama Sita's world-class products sure to impress any appetite.

Mama Sita’s Vegetarian Oyster Sauce (27oz)
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Mama Sita’s began with a line of savory mixes and products inspired by the heirloom recipes of Teresita “Mama” Reyes, a well-known cook, descendant and parent of many more, and a staunch champion of Filipino cuisine.

For more than 20 years now, the diverse line that bears her name has been exported around the world, allowing consumers to savor Philippine dishes. From traditional home-cooked meals to refreshingly...


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